How To Hack eBay User ID and Password

Learn how to hack eBay account password using Phishing

Previously i've posted How To Hack Gmail Account Password. Today i want to teach you how to hack an eBay account password. For this i'll be using phishing. Phishing is one of the easiest ways to hack ANY site's user names and passwords. You upload a fake Webpage that looks like the legit one, then you send the link to your victim and trick him into entering his login info into the fake Webpage, which then sends the info to you. It's very simple and very effectively.

How to hack eBay account password:

1. First you need to download eBay Phisher

2. The downloaded file contains:
  • ebay.html
  • ebaylogin.php
  • log.txt
3. Now upload these three files to a free webhost site. You can try,, or

4. After that send this phisher link (ebay.html) to your victim and make him login to his eBay account using your sent Phisher.

5. Once he logs in to his eBay account using Phisher, all his typed eBay id and password is stored in "log.txt".

6. Now, open log.txt to get hacked eBay id and password as shown.

Thats it. I hope this phishing tutorial is fullproof and you can now hack eBay account password using eBay Phishing. I have tried to keep this eBay phishing tutorial simple for you to hack eBay account password.


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