How To Use Instagram: 25 +1 Steps to Get 100 Likes In Just Minutes

Picture this! You are the only one not getting likes on your Instagram Photos. Now it is time to change that and learn how to use Instagram! You can easily get 100 Likes in Just Minutes by following the 25 +1 Steps Below!
Instagram statistics say the app has 90 million monthly users. Instagram also claims those 90 million people post 40 million photos per day and tap 8,500 likes per second. With statistics like this there is no reason not to be getting 100 Likes in a few minutes.
How To Use Instagram To Get 100 Likes In A Few Minutes:
1) Click on the Instagram App. Take an Instagram Photo by clicking the camera icon button. The button is located in the center of the bottom navigation menu. If you want to use a picture you have already taken click on the icon to the right to select a picture from Dropbox or the Gallery.
2) Crop the Photo to fit the Instagram size requirements. Select the double arrow next screen button in the upper right.
3) Select the filter you want to use. Don’t over think this. Normal filter is by far the most popular.
4) Hit the home tab on your phone. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Search and install the “TagsForLikes” App.
5) Open “TagsForLikes” App.
6) Select “Popular” from the Home Menu in the “TagsForLikes” App.
7) Select “Most Popular” from the SubMenu.
8) Select “Copy Tags”.
9) Hit the Home tab on your phone again. Return back to the Instagram App and open it.
10) Press gently on the screen where it says “Add a caption” to the left of your photo.
11) Select “paste” to paste the Tags into that section.
12) Name the location where the picture was taken. This helps establish credibility and originality.
13) Click the green arrow at the upper right to post the photo.
14) WATCH the photo accumulate MANY likes!
15) Hit the Home tab on your phone again. Return back to the “TagsForLikes” App.
16) Select ”Popular” from the Home Menu in the “TagsForLikes” App.
17) Now Select “2nd Popular” from the SubMenu.
18) Select “Copy Tags”.
19) Hit the Home tab on your phone again. Return back to the Instagram App and open it.
20) Return back to the picture you took. Hit the Comments button. It looks like the word balloon to the right of the heart.
21) Click on the Pencil “Edit” button in the upper right hand corner.
22) Delete the old tags by clicking the red “X” to the left and tapping the red “delete” box.
23) Press gently in the empty box at the bottom of the phone screen.
24) Select “paste” and paste the New Tags into that section.
25) Select “Send”.
26) Watch while the photo accumulates even MORE Likes! Refresh to see the Likes as they come in.
REPEAT this process AGAIN AND AGAIN for even MORE Likes!
What other tips do you have on How To Use Instagram? What suggestions do you have for getting the most likes for your Instagram Photos? Leave your comments below! We want to hear from you.


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