Rename/Change/Edit Facebook Page Name With More Than 100 Likes

After a long time finally, we have renamed our Facebook Page, which has more than 100 likes. When I had created Facebook Page, then I named it with a long name but now it is TheHackerClub4U. Do you have a long name to your Facebook page (or just want to rename it) with more than 100 likes. If yes, then follow the easy steps mention below. Basically, Facebook doesn't allow you to change the name of a page with 100 or more likes.

According to Facebook, you'll need to delete your Page and recreate it. The Facebook team isn't able to change Page names for you, but it is now possible. I have requested to rename our Facebook page to Facebook team, and within three days my request has processed,  and successfully we have renamed Facebook page with the help of Facebook team. So, here is how to change/rename a name of Facebook page with fewer/more than 100 likes. We have divided it into two parts,
  • Rename/Change a Facebook Page Name Fewer Than 100 Likes
  • Rename/Change a Facebook Page Name More Than 100 Likes

How To Rename/Change a Facebook Page Name Fewer Than 100 Likes

  1. Sign into Facebook, and look at the top of the Admin Panel.
  2. Click Edit Page under Manage.
  3. In the left sidebar, click on Basic Information, and under Name change your Facebook page name and save it.

How To Change/Rename Facebook Page Name With More Than 100 Likes

  1. Sign into Facebook.
  2. Now, click here on Rename Facebook Page With More Than 100 Likes. It will be open in the new window. Take a following preview,

    Rename a Facebook Page name with more than 100 likes

    now write your existing Facebook page name in Current Page name, and the new Facebook Page name under Desired Page name, and write your Facebook Page link(as ) in Link to Page field. Choose the reason why do you want to change your Facebook Page name and finally, click on Send.
  3. You have successfully sent a request to change the name of Facebook Page to Facebook team. It will take some days to precessed the request and notify you via your primary email. In my case, my Facebook Page has renamed on the 3rd day. If you are also lucky, then you'll get a reply back from the Facebook team as like,


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