Forget a Password? How To Hack Your Own Or Others PC!

Few will admit it openly, but forgetting the password that gets you in to your PC is a popular problem. In the "old days" this often meant that you'd have to reinstall Windows to get in - meaning everything on your computer would be lost.

Today's story is a bit different. If you've forgot your password, just hack in! Anyone can do it (even you) since the tools are readily available and completely free.

Several Windows password recovery tools are available that you can download on a friend's PC, burn to a CD, and then use on your own PC that you can't get in to. It's that simple!
If you use Windows Vista, you're probably very familiar with the Sidebar Gadgets that can show the time, weather, and other interesting things. But did you know that there are several "geeky" gadgets available too?

Bring out the inner computer tech that I know is there (you're reading this blog, remember) and get some Vista gadgets that keep track of CPU usage, hard drive space, memory usage and more!


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