Trick to convert your Firefox browser to a keylogger

HI Friends,Today I am so glad to share a wonderful trick of converting your normal Firefox browser to a keylogger.which can save all the login informations of the users without the knowledge of them.I have personally tested this trick in all the Firefox browser from version 3 onwards and I hope this will work also in lower versions.You may be aware of the fact that,in firefox you can save all the passwords for your favourite sites like gmail,facebook etc.But have you ever think how this password gets saved and where it is saving these sensitive informations.There is an inbuilt component in Firefox browser written in javascript that is offering whether to save your passwords or not.But here we are replacing this script with another script that will never offer the users to save passwords or not,but it directly saves all login informations without the knowledge of the users and you can retrieve all such details later.Ok,Now we can directly move to our trick.Our trick is simple just follow the instructions exactly and you dont need any prior knowledge of programming skills.


1) First of all download this Firefox script,you can use the below link

2) If you are Windows user then goto

C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/Components

(This is the default path,you can go directly to your installed directory of Firefox)

If you are MAC user then goto

Applications > Right click Firefox > Show Package Contents > Contents/MacOS/Components

Now find a file nsLoginManagerPrompter.js and copy it to somewhere safe location because we are going to delete this in next step.

4) Extract the rar file that you have downloaded and copy and paste the nsLoginManagerPrompter.js from the folder to the components folder of your Firefox.

5) Now your script is ready.Next is we want to make some changes to the firefox browser.For that directly goto tools--> options from your firefox as shown below.

You can see a window as shown below,just select the security tab and you can see a option like remember passwords for sites,Just tick it as shown below and click ok and just restart your Firefox and thats it Now your firefox keylogger is ready.and it will store automatically all usernames and passwords


1) Now we have created a kelogger using firefox next is how to retrieve passwords stored in firefox.This is so simple just goto


2) You can see a window as shown below

3) Just click the Show passwords button to see all the passwords like the one given below


  • Since we are only changing the inbuilt component of Firefox,No Antivirus will detect it.
  • You can use it in all platforms like in Windows,Mac etc


If you want to hide all the saved passwords from other users,You can set a master password option as seen in Step 6.But still you are not secure.I personally recommend you all not to save any passwords in any of your browsers.When you save passwords in your browser say you have saved your password for gmail.The next time when you goto gmail login page and selecting the username wll also load your password in asterix.You may think it is in asterix and no one can identify it.But it is so easy to decrypt  it

Also your saved passwords can be easily hacked remotely.So never save any passwords in any of your browsers.

I am currently working on hacking saved passowords remotely and i had a successful test also.I wll post it soon,so keep in touch.

Hope this article helped you a lot.If so please do your comments...your feedbacks are always precious


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