Rahul Gandhi's Website Hacked By Pak Cyber Army..!!

Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA) again attack on indian great websites. Last time they attack was on CBI gov. Website. Now they start attack on Indian politician websites.
Rahul Gandhi website was hacked.

PCA gives the message on site, They said Biggest terrorist in the world are India, USA & Israel. And they talk about Kashmir, They warned to the indian hackers that India hackers does not secure indian politician websites.
On this type of message PCA does not stop to attack on indian biggest websites, They continuosly target on indian websites.
If this cyber war running like that then I think Cyber War does not stop to anyway.

On site The Message is given by PCA shown @ below...
Hacked by TriCk aka Saywhat? & TaZii -[ TeaMp0isoN - Pak Cyber Army ] -
We Warned Indian Script Kiddies Yet they ignored us, the outcome of them ignoring us is sonia gandhi getting hacked.

The Biggest terrorists in the world are India, USA & Israel -
Everyday 100s of innocent people are killed in kashmir for no reason,
india is supposed to be the new home of ICT yet you cant even secure
your politicians websites.. - Message to Indian Skids: We Hacked your
Prime Minister while your sitting at home using google dorks to find
sites to perform SQLi on,

We Are (TeaMp0isoN): TriCk aka Saywhat? - Luit - eXhAiL - Hex00010

Greets to: ZombiE_KSA - PakCyberArmy - TaZii - Code5 - Shak -
Net.Cracker - root@localhost - xTreMisT - ZHC - MindFreaK - Spider -
PAKhaxors - E.T.A - TheSin - p0ison.org - pakcyberarmy.net

.......we just say one thing "Stop This Cyber War" there is nothing to get........


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