How to save your facebook account from hacking

Today I am writing about “how to save your facebook account”. In Present, Facebook is a No.1 website for social networking. Normally everyone who use internet having Facebook account.
There are available user based data like user photos, user ideas, user private messages, videos etc., so facebook is also main target of hackers and phishers.
Here, I want to share some basic tips to increase facebook account security.

Follow these method to increase Your facebook account security :-

Add a secondary email address

You can increase your facebook account security by adding another secondary email address. It will help when your primary email address is deactivated.
Then you can recover your facebook account details by secondary email address.
You must need to add a valid secondary email address then Facebook will send a confirmation link to your secondary email address.
You can also change email address priority like set secondary email address as a primary email address.

Confirm a mobile number

You can increase your facebook account security by adding mobile number to facebook account.
Just click on button Sign up for Facebook Mobile.

When select Country code. eg : India (+91) then enter valid mobile number. Facebook send a confirmation code by text message or phone call then enter your confirmation code.
Thus you add mobile number to your facebook account.

Answer a security question

You can also increase your facebook account security by adding security question to your account.

You can choose any security question and give answer. Answer of security question is only known by you.

Increase Facebook account security by login notification method

It will help to check any unauthorized computer or device to access your account.
Enable Login Notification Account(top right of page) ->> Account Settings ->> Settings ->> Account Security
It will give all details about facebook login like location, device name, operating system, web browser which is used for facebook login, date and time.
It also send all details by email to your primary email address.

Increase Facebook account security by adding secure browsing method

It enables you to use the more secure https protocol for visiting Facebook Pages.
Turn On Secure Browsing (https)
Account(top right of page) ->> Account Settings ->> Settings ->> Account Security
Select(Tick) “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible” and Save.
Thus you increase your facebook account security.
Hope you like this post. Please share other tips and tricks by adding your comments:)


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