Facebook Vs Facebooz

Facebook Vs Facebooz

In year 2008 a tool was released for facebook hacking the tool is known as facebooz(also known as facebook freezer). A lot had been discussed whether the tool is really capable of hacking facebook passwords. Many think its just a joke that a tool can crack facebook passwords. So keeping unnecessary things behind lets try to find out why this works or if it not works they why. The tool is specially targeted to m.facebook.com, yes that’s the mobile version of facebook. By the way facebook claims that the vulnerability is patched but still the tool has been downloaded millions of times from its release that means the claim is just a false excuse. I created a fake facebook account with password “Monkey” and facebooz got no issues cracking it that means the tool works. Then i changed password to “M0n7e1” and the tool failed to guess it that means it failed to work. The thing which can depress you is its speed of operation, by the way it happens due to need of software needing re-authentication grabbing so you need patience.

The final say is that the tool works only on guess-able passwords which can be found on dictionary. So if you are the one who have used facebooz and haven’t found it useful then it might be the case the victim of whom you want to crack password have strong password, the password which can not be found in any dictionary. And for those whose password can be easily guessed are advised to change their passwords to something which can not be guessed easily. So either facebook will win or facebooz just depends on password strength of victim. So keep your passwords strong and be safe. If you don’t know how to create and remember strong passwords following is the tutorial that can help you.


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