How To Update your Facebook Status using Twitter: Connect Facebook & Twitter

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In this Present Scenario The facebook tops the social bookmarketing Sites .It ranks 2nd next to google in Alexa ranking .As we All know that Facebook has a special place among the young souls on this globe.But the problem is that in many colleges and schools  accessing facebook is denied due to some reasons(As we are aware about that).Most of us tried hard to access facebook in college by using some proxy sites,but due to lack of  java scripts in proxy sites the facebook doest loads completely,and in some cases signup becomes a problematic one .Due tot these problems we can’t Update our status in facebook,and cant keep in touch With our friends.A solution for one Such problem is …………..

Follow These Steps Carefully
1.Go to a private internet centre/Own Connection (Without Any webFilter) and login into facebook Account
2.Click the application tab on the left side of your home Page3.Type “twitter” in the applictions search box And hit Enter
3.Now you can see a twitter application,now add that application with your account.Or get it here
4.To connect facebook with twitter login with your twitter acount using that Twitter Application,and click “Allow” to access you can update your facebook status using twitter
6.(In College/school) you can login into your Twitter Account(which can be Allowed  in most Scools/colleges) and update your status which can be automatically reproduced in your facebook Status,and stay connected with your closed ones
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