HOW TO: Add sponsors buttons to your blog

I've had several people question how to add a sponsors button when the sponsor does not send html code, just the image.
Good news: it is super easy! {I always say that, don't I?  I can't help it! It's true.}
First, save the sponsors button to your computer desktop with an easily recognizable name - i.e. use the shop or blog name. 
Create a post as usual. Click the Insert Image button.

In the pop-up window, click Browse and locate the image on your desktop, click open and then insert it into your post.

Next you will want to right click on the Layout tab and click open in new tab (or new window if you have an older Internet Browser).
Go to that tab. Click Add a Gadget in your sidebar.
In the pop-up window, select HTML/Javascript.
In the Configure HTML/JavaScript box, type in your Title (something like "These Sponsors are Amazing") and then you will need to type this code for each image, so if you have four sponsor images, paste it four times and replace with your info:
Where do you get the Sponsor Website URL? Simply type in the address of the Etsy shop or blog that should open when the button is clicked.

Where do you get your image URL? Go back to your other tab where we inserted the images. Click on Edit HTML.
Don't get overwhelmed. You will see a bunch of gobbly-gook. You need to look for the image source(s) (if you have 2 images, there will be 2 image sources).
The easiest way to do this is to hit CTRL-F. In the Find box type in src= and click next. You want to select the info between the quotation marks after src=, now copy and paste it into the correct source spot in your Configure HTML/Layout Box. If you have another image, click next on your Find box.

You can now close out your Post tab (don't hit Publish Post, just X out the tab - you don't even need to save the post if you are confident you did this right).

Save your gadget and you are done.

What if you want to add another sponsor, but don't want a new gadget?  That is fine (and easier then having 20 sponsor gadgets!).  Just open up our sponsor gadget and paste in the html code with a space or break in between the first and second code. You can add as many buttons to the one gadget as you want!
If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment.


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