Some software for bluetooth hacking to hack any bluetooth enabled phone or device.

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Bluetooth provides an easy way pf communication for a wide range of mobile devices to communicate with each other without the need for cables or wires and transfer files in between them.
Note: But it can be a potential threat for a person privacy.
There are large amount of information that is available on internet about on how you can hack various blue tooth enabled devices.
So Today i am going to list out some Freewares For Blutooth Hacking.

Various Softwares For Bluetooth Hacking
BlueScanner – It search out for Bluetooth devices and extract much amount of information of the newly discovered device. Download BlueScan.
BlueSniff – It is a simple utility for discovering hidden Bluetooth devices. Download BlueSniff.
BlueBugger -It simply exploits the BlueBug vulnerability of the bluetooth enabled devices. By exploiting these vulnerabilities and leakes, you can gain access to the phone-book, calls lists and other information of the bluetooth device. Download BlueBugger.
BTBrowser – Is a Bluetooth Browser is a J2ME app. which can browse and explore all the  surrounding Bluetooth devices. Browse to different kind of device information. Download BTBrowser.
BTCrawler -It is a Bluetooth scanner for Windows Mobile based devices. It can implement BlueJacking and BlueSnarfing attacks. Download BTCrawler.
If you find any of the above utilities usefull leave a comment here.


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