How To Increase Google Page Rank

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What is Google Page Rank ??

Google Page Rank is the measure of how important a site is for google.Its value is between 0 to 10.Google Page Rank 10 is best and 0 is bad.Every website owner likes to increase its Google Page Rank .This helps in generating high-traffic from google and increases your website important.There are some ways by which you can increase your Google Page Rank.
You can try these methods..
1.Google Page rank is based on back links. Back links are Links to your website from another website. The more back links , the higher your Google Page rank will be.
2.Try to join forums which are related to your website and post your link in form signature there.
3.Try to have back link with the sites which have better Google Page rank then yours.
4.Always write unique content in your website or blogs.


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