How To Hack Rediff Bol Via Web Page (Source Code)

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru Know Many about Hacking
||Any Misuse of this program may cause some Serious ~censored~ Injury || Tongue
---->>>> Use it at your own Risk @ Prog Name => Hack Rediff Bol Via Web Page

You can hack the password of rediff bol via web page by the code i have written in the files included in the folder. Just upload the following files and change the path in the required files to your server. Cool

1) Hack_Rediffbol.html
2) recieve.php
3) view.php

in your php enabled web server and send the URL of Hack_Rediffbol.html to your victim you want to hack. you will recieve their password if they have Checked the """Remember My UserName and Password""" Option. And records will be viewable in the View.php

to view their passwords type of view.php path in the web browser.

you can hide the code in your html document with in a frame or any where u think better.
By silic0n , Gaurav_Raj420
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