How To Hack GraboidTo Get Unlimited Movies

Hii! This is Pc Hackers Guru
So if some of you may have heard, Graboid offers free movies, TV shows and more to download. It is subscription based on bandwidth. In this post i am going to show you how to download as much as you want videos, movies, and TV shows through Graboid for free.

First, download the program HERE.

Then after you open the program you will have the option to create and account.

Create it and log in. You will notice your bandwidth restriction, and your account will expire in a month, when you have to buy a subscription.

Once your account has expired, I have discovered a new way to make accounts (NOTE: After your account is created, you will never be able to create a free account again, nor through the program or website).

Make this batch script:

cd %appdata%
del MozillaControl /F /q
cd “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Graboid_Inc\”
del *.* /F /q

Or download it HERE if you don't know how.

Run the batch file, and behold, the new account button shall appear again. Enter a different email address than previous, and your good to go.

For those with issues creating accounts:

1. Renew your IP address (unplug your modem for about 5mins and then reconnect it).

2. If the problem is not solved by number 2, download Hotspot Shield HERE

3. If it still doesn't work, wait a week. This will give a chance for your ISP to reset your IP.

Hope this helped! 


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