How To Create Or Change Orkut Stylish Themes

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By default Orkut have few themes, but many of them are annoying. So, I have created few good looking theme for Orkut addicted users. First 6 themes are being created by me and after that I have compiled a list of some beautiful themes.
You can use these themes for FREE, for using these themes you have to install Greasemonkey add-on in Mozilla Firefox browser. Once you have installed the Greasemonkey add-on just click on the link of any theme below to install it.
Steps you have to follow to install these themes:
How to Install orkut Theme
1. You need to have Firefox Browser to use these themes. (Download Firefox browser)
2. After Installing firefox, you have to install a Plugin Called GreaseMonkey.
3. Now restart your firefox browser to activate Greasemonkey Plugin.
4. After restarting you will be able to see the Following icon in your firefox Status bar (at right side).
5. Now Select any Orkut Theme below you want to install. Click on Install to Activate the theme.
6. Now open your orkut Account to see the effect.

 Download it from here
Download it from here
Download it from here
Download it from here
Download it from here
Download it from here
How to remove or Uninstall the Above orkut theme from your Profile
1. In your firefox browser, go to Tools > Addons.
2. Locate to Extensions > GreaseMonkey > Uninstall.
3. Restart your firefox browser.


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